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Diana Gorbunova, LGPC

Provides virtual therapy to Washington, DC residents only.  Accepts Aetna, United Healthcare  CareFirst/Anthem/BlueCross BlueShield and Cigna Insurance only

As a Russian and English-speaking mental health provider, my areas of interest and expertise are minority mental health, LGBTQIA+ mental health and the mental health of adults who are navigating the complexities of career, mental health, family-of-origin relationships,  immigrating to a new country  and  sexual orientation or gender identity.


I use theoretical approaches including evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy,  trauma focused, solution-focused therapy and person-centered therapy and more. My approach is practical and methodical meaning while attending to emotional, behavior and thought patterns, we collaboratively focus on practical solutions which we measure through the administration of evidence based assessments.


Using a culture, identity and trauma-informed lens, I engage in clinically focused conversation aimed at guiding clients toward awareness of strengths and challenges, insight into the impact experiences and relationships have had on them, attunement of emotions and sensations that are uncomfortable, action toward, understanding and acceptance of the self. My clients are adults who live with anxiety, loss, rumination and intrusive thoughts, life transitions, career transitions, identity, role conflicts in relationships, discrimination. separation from home and loved ones, trauma, loss, difficulty concentrating, lows that affect functioning, productiving, relationships and low self-worth. In sessions, we might use interventions such as tapping, breathing, empty chair, thought stopping, highlighting available choices, and/or examining negative thoughts in a structured format. In all, clients gain a healthier connection to themselves, others, emotions and their feelings and actions; improve distress tolerance; enhance effective communication; are more aware of the choices available to them and understand how their past and present or future may be intertwined. Throughout therapy, I communicate, process and implement their selected interventions at their own pace.


My priority is to listen first and provide support second. My clients experience me as someone who realistically instills hope and is consistently authentic, attentive, supportive, aware, holistic and understanding.


I earned my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I am certified by the  Washington, DC  Board of Professional Counseling to provide mental health counseling under clinical supervision.

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