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Adika Counseling Anxiety EMDR Depression Rockville, Maryland
Accepting clients (13-18 years only).

Evening availability for teens. Providing virtual therapy to Virginia and District of Columbia  residents only.  Accepts Aetna, Optum/United Healthcare, CareFirst/Anthem/BlueCross BlueShield and Cigna Insurance only.

Victoria Yeboah, LMSW, LGSW

I work with adolescents and teenagers who have experienced or are currently living with  trauma in all its forms; behavioral issues; sadness, worry, grief; negative thoughts; substance use and addiction; immigrant experiences; family-of-origin and relationship difficulties; stress related tot roles and expectation as well as identity and related experiences. I support clients in developing skills to manage or eliminate symptoms related to anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and more.


I am skilled in assessing, diagnosing and treating mental health disorders and psychological issues, attending to clients directly and with empathy, and guiding clients to identify, learn and implement preemptive steps toward reducing or eliminating their symptoms and the impact the symptoms have on daily functioning, outlook on life, relationships  (with themselves and others)and more. I am also deeply attuned to the ways in which historical injustices, socioeconomic and political structures affect the mental health of all minority groups and make considerations for how these factors affect people’s mental health.


Specifically, I use trauma informed and focused care, cognitive behavioral therapy, person centered therapy and solution focused therapy to support clients in addressing  psychological symptoms related to past or ongoing experiences to build their future life. I also collaborate with clients to address inaccurate beliefs and unhealthy behavior patterns; identify and release emotions that have been blocked by trauma; challenge  their perspective about why certain things occurred and the thoughts and beliefs they’ve developed since. I also work with individuals to replace negative behavior patterns with desired behaviors or promote behavior change; and use present-moment awareness to increase self-compassion, and strengthen mood regulation.


Some of my clients' specific challenges include: nightmares, unwanted memories and avoidance of people, smells, thoughts and other triggers related to trauma; and frequent urges to use substances to manage distress. People also come to me when they feel resentment, guilt, shame and anger related to unspoken and unresolved relationship difficulties; difficulty establishing trusting relationships; heightened reactions, anxiety, or depressed mood; lack of energy, interest  and motivation and; sense of impending danger, panic or doom.


My therapeutic process includes (1) exploring my clients’ past and evaluating their current concerns. Exploration is necessary in helping both isus understand your thoughts, behaviors and feelings in relation to you presenting challenges and discomforts. As we gain an understanding of how you developed certain cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns, we will begin to identify clinically and lifestyle appropriate clinical interventions that will encourage growth within your client. Over the course of our therapeutic relationship, I will empower you by using the appropriate counseling skills to find your own solutions.


I earned my Masters in Social work from Catholic University and  I am certified by both the Washington, DC and Maryland Social Work Boards to provide mental health counseling under clinical supervision.

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