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We empower  and provide administrative support sot hat therapists can start or grow their own mental health practice. As an ally to therapists and private practices,  our mission is to eliminate  the complexity, expense and worry of running an independent counseling practice. It’s why we invented behavioral and mental health navigation — to make your private practice simple, efficient, profitable, sustainable and purposeful—for your patients and for you.

Insurance Credentialing & Contracting

Avoid mistakes and delays in credentialing so you can be on your way to independence! We have the experience to help with revenue growth managing the process for securing managed care individual or group contracts, CAQH set up and management, as well as credentialing and re-credentialing requirements. We keep you updated of any required updates in the future to ensure successful claims submission.

  • Individual and Group application and contracts with commercial insurance providers

  • Provider CAQH setup with provider maintenance options

  • Provider Credentialing Enrollment processing forms

  • Communicating with insurance companies

  • Setting up and negotiating a fee schedule

Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Our insurance eligibility check service helps your potential patients to accurately understand  and know their financials responsibilities so that provider's collect copays and deductibles on time.  We'll verify the services covered under the patient’s insurance policy and whether a referral or prior authorization is needed.

The pre-registration phase prevents: 

  • Incorrect or missing insurance information that affects claims processing and reimbursement.

  • Misunderstanding a patient’s coverage eligibility.

  • Lack of payer coordination between primary, secondary and/or tertiary insurance coverage.

  • Delayed or lapsing claims reimbursement.

Claims Management Services

Our claims and invoice management module streamlines and automates the managing of healthcare claims. We use systems and processes that aggregate claims from providers, to send a single EDI transaction document to single or multiple insurance companies. You can focus on the clinical work, while we make sure you get paid on time. Streamline your day-to-day operations with our payables automation that enables you to scale! We'll 

  • Generate invoices for self-pay, in-network and out-of-network 

  • Submit claims to insurance companies

  • Set you up for Electronic Funds transfer (EFT)

  • Sett you up with a clearing house to receive ERAs and EDI 

  • Effectively appeal denied claims

Marketing & Communications

You’re the expert in the healthcare industry. We’re the experts in marketing and communications. From marketing, writing and editing, website development, strategic communications, public relations to reputation management we’ll take care of it all so you can concentrate on what matters most – your patients! We'll help with:

  • Developing a brand and identity

  • Website design

  • Original marketing Content for Psychology Today and other directories

  • Public relations

  • Reputation management

  • Templates for day-to-day interactions

Business Automation

Create operation processes, systems and protocols for delivering better patient and stakeholder experiences through your EHR.  Automation enables your practice to be faster, more agile, and more productive even when you are away.

Accounting & Book Keeping

Ensure the financial health of your private practice and personal tax responsibilities by letting our Certified public Accountants manage your monthly book keeping, personal taxes, business taxes by ensuring you pay income taxes, quarterly estimated taxes and nnual taxes on time. 

How do you start a private practice in Maryland? How do you start or manage a private practice as a mental health therapist or social worker in Maryland, Virginia or Washignton, DC?

I am a licensed therapist who has done it successfully as evidenced by my profitable business. Let me help!

I ask meaningful questions to understand each counselor's goals, wishes, needs and motivations. I then guide providers and mental health practices in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia in realizing exponential revenue growth and increasing access to mental health care. We walk solo and group practices through the insurance credentialing process.

When therapists have the support they need, we all thrive.




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