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Thea Van Hemert

Accepting new clients

Providing virtual therapy to Maryland and District of Columbia resident sresidents only. Accepts CareFirst/Anthem/BlueCross BluShield and Cigna Insurance only.

Sliding Scale Rate: $90

Teens and adults who find themselves navigating changes in romantic relationships; have experienced emotional neglect or abandonment in childhood; engage in behaviors that cause them distress including shame; feel overwhelmed due to roles, responsibilities and expectations; experience frequent mood changes; struggle with feeling worthy; live with shame and regret surrounding trauma and experience grief over how their life turned out come to me to learn long term coping skills. My solution focused, direct and holistic therapy approach helps clients identify triggers and actionable and behavioral strategies to manage mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms for anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and more.

You'll learn coping skills to manage symptoms and experience gradual decrease in symptoms, mood, behavior and cognitive functioning. Some of the cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes you'll might experience and/or observe overtime include decrease in impulsive reactions to stress; increased assertiveness demonstrated by behavior and communication; improved effective communication; increase self-efficacy and autonomy; ability to focus, set goals and maintain structure. Additionally my clients sometimes experience and increased ability to be compassionate, kind, patient and regulated with self and others; clarity on personal values; ability to manage shame, grief and regulate emotions; decrease in unfulfilling behaviors. I always consider diverse perspectives, honoring them as valid and important to therapy. 

Through a process of exploring, understanding, evaluating and identifying thinking and behavior patterns we eliminate and replace unproductive habits with more adaptive patterns toward an increased sense of well-being and ability to thrive and function in a variety of settings, situations and relationships. In the end my clients are able to  experience enthusiasm, take inspired and purposeful action, live with autonomy, find pleasure in people, places and things, have emotional flexibility,  and experience vulnerability and intimacy in relationships.


My education and training in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Bellevue University provides supervision and hands on training to administer assessments, select a clinical diagnosis, engage clients in treatment planning and collaborate with clients to explore, understand and implement coping strategies to help manage or eliminate me mental health disorders and psychological stress.  

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