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How are you doing? You’d probably say fine right? Even if you weren’t fine? Weird isn’t it. Not wanting to be a bother.


That response is the voice of high-performing anxiety.

We can help.


Clinicians at Adika Counseling work with patients to co-create a relationship which fosters an increased ability to manage and resolve distress related to  early life relationships and experiences, life transitions, first/second generation American issues, relationship difficulties, family of origin dynamics and trauma among others. Our supportive therapy and evidence-based intervention can help reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of symptoms like worrying, difficulty sleeping, intrusive thoughts, isolation and more over time. We work collaboratively with clients to identify culturally appropriate interventions within the context of clients’ psychological, social, and developmental histories. 


Clinical outcomes of our therapeutic services include self-awareness, increased distress tolerance, emotional resilience, communication effectiveness, decreased adverse symptoms, improved cognitive performance and capacity, self-discipline, vibrant relationships and a thriving life.  We administer assessments every three months to monitor progress.

We handle all of the insurance process and will let you know of any copays or deductibles before your first appointment.

Call us at (240 )428-0465 or email with any questions or points you want clarify. We'll respond within 24 hours. 

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