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Evans S. Adika, Esq., Director of Compliance & Regulation

Evans Selasi Adika, Esq., is a Regulatory and Compliance Consultant with expertise in the healthcare space.  He graduated with honors from the Cleveland States University, College of Law School in 2006 and started his legal career at Mansour Gavin LPA in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 


He over 19 years of legal experience and has high-level experience in navigating today’s regulatory compliance requirements as well as legal issues and obligations within the healthcare industry. He empowers healthcare organizations to meet complex regulatory, licensure and managed care requirements by implementing, managing, and enhancing their compliance programs.  He writes and reviews memorandums of understanding (MOU), contracts between managed care organizations and health care practices, contractor/employee agreements, business policies and guides practice owners in considering Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) guidelines in their strategic planning and processes.


In his role at The Psychotherapy and Behavioral Health network (TPBHN), he oversees the development and operation of quality and compliance programs in accordance with local, state and federal requirements for behavioral health providers and organizations. Evans works closely with the leadership at TPBH to ensure adequate record maintenance and processes that document compliance efforts.


Evans helps TPBHN partners with issues including entity registration documents, tax elections, partnership agreements including contracts with managed care organizations; and in the creation of comprehensive compliance, operational and administrative policies, practices, and procedures to address regulatory changes and evolving industry standards.


He maintains relationships with regulatory agencies, accrediting boards, managed care entities, local, state and federal regulators, and industry associations to stay informed about changes in regulations and best practices. 


Contact me to discuss your regulatory and compliance needs.

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