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The Psychotherapy and Behavioral Health Network, LLC

Connecting diverse clients to in-network therapists for teletherapy.

We'll connect you with psychotherapy that's tailored to your needs.

Explore Mental Health Services

The Psychotherapy and Behavioral Health Network (TPBHN) connects individuals seekign mental health counseling and psychotherapy services to mental health therapists in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.


We support a network of diverse mental health professionals trained to destigmatize mental health and provide virtual counseling to clients across various identities and backgrounds.


The therapists are trained, certified and/or licensed by a state accredited body to administer evidence-based assessments, diagnose and treat mental and mood disorders using a range of cognitive, emotional and behavioral based techniques to create behavioral change and improve mental health.


Our affiliated therapists have a focus in addressing mental health while also looking at cultural, systemic, familial and societal factors and issues that affect mental health.


Our affiliated providers emphasize acceptance, affirming care for all identities, self-advocacy, and individualized support.

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Connect with an information specialist by phone call or text  at (240) 428-0465 or by email at

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